Do you like video games but do not have the time to spare? Then you are a good candidate for casual one-tap, one touch titles like Color Road from Voodoo. Like other games from this developer, the goal is simple – you control a ball that changes color and your objective is to hit balls of the same color.

Your ball changes color every now and then so the challenge is to avoid hitting the balls that are of a different color. So if your current color is red you hit only the red balls. Hit another color and the game ends.

The early stages are easy enough with plenty of space between the balls so you can avoid the wrong ones. You swipe the ball in the direction you want to go and aim for that high score. Your goal is not only to advance of course but also beat your friends’ high scores and named champion.

Color Road has a long color change interval early, and that is good as you can see the color of the balls and know which one to hit. You need to be good at swiping because as the game goes on the color changes happen quicker.

The difficulty level goes up after the first 20 or so color switches. By that time though you ought to be familiar with the swipe and dodge technique so you can keep going. Color Road is an easy game to pick up, and its addictive nature is going to keep you playing again and again.

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