The latest offering from アナログMESSIAH arrives through California label Shatterfoil Industries in the form of Nü Office OS, a masterfully crafted collection of ambient and downtempo electronic beats with a retro aesthetic, carefully touching on the melancholic nerd in all of us.

Here we have 14 cuts filled with mesmerizing melodies, top-notch production and absolutely zero rush, given by the decidedly low tempo used throughout. In fact, Nü Office OS can induce ASMR levels of soothing relaxation, evoking the blissful joy of Browsing_Teh_Web or playing old video games when we were kids (MiniGames_Wow!). The mysterious vibe stemming from some of the tracks adds a wonderful layer of depth to the sonic landscape, most notoriously in songs such as Thank_You and Deep_Dark_Web where the percussion serves as yet another atmospheric component, not a rhythmic one.

Nü Office OS is truly a hidden gem, drawing from a bygone era to create an experience that feels relevant today, but also somehow quite forward-thinking. It’s the kind of atemporal work I see myself returning time and time again. Thoroughly recommended.

Favorite tracks: Connect_To_Router, Checking_And_Balances

Track list:
1. Logo.mp3 00:16
2. Lets_Get_Started 04:24
3. Log_On 03:14
4. Connect_To_Router 03:29
5. Checking_And_Balances 03:12
6. Browsing_Teh_Web 05:01
7. Text_Edit_Turbo 03:30
8. MiniGames_Wow! 05:08
9. Future_Deadlines 02:51
10. Deep_Dark_Web 03:38
11. Image_Editor 02:30
12. Sleep_Mode 03:38
13. Thank_You 01:13

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