Paraguay’s Future Girlfriend carries the type of no-nonsense style that never goes out of fashion: Relying on solid, well-imagined beats brought to life through fantastic production and expertly-picked instrumentation. The Pink Dance EP, released through free music connoisseurs Business Casual, is yet another showcase of talent from the South American producer. Get ready for a quick-and-sweet collection of electronic beats and a little dance to shake off the stress.

It’s funny how the album could be interpreted to sound almost exactly like the color pink, synesthesia implied. The entire runtime is happy, colorful, maybe somewhat girly, and completely charming. It all begins with Pink Dance and its mid-tempo beat giving way to a plethora of synths and clever arrangements flowing along to complete the opening three minutes. Small City continues the opener’s flow while incorporating a smoother, full-on 80s aesthetic – deep bass lines included. Hi High starts with ‘Hello my future girlfriend, this is what I sound like‘ prior to delivering arguably the best track of the pack: three minutes of ever-changing synth work and a beat to match. Cuts like that are sure to attract any potential girlfriends – or boyfriends, for that matter. Crazy Nights aims to close out the EP with a bang. Featuring a solid House beat perfect for the dancefloor, it’s a fantastic warmup for a night of dancing to fast-paced electronica.

Favorite tracks: Small City, Hi High.


1. Pink Dance ピンクのダンス 02:56
2. Small City 02:28
3. Hi High 03:18
4. Crazy Nights 狂気夜 02:33

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