Playgendary has come out with a riveting puzzle game called Polysphere , and it is one of those titles that teaches and entertains at the same time. Puzzles are nothing new on mobile of course, but the simple mechanics and innovative concept makes this worth your while.

When the game starts you will see shapes in various colors, and your goal is to move the shapes until an image is formed. Moving the pieces around is intuitive and you can rotate the shapes a full 360. So the premise and mechanics are very easy to follow.

Polysphere however, still requires some strategies to get the best results. Finding the right angle helps but you also need to be patient to find the right spot. You will know you did it right when the image pops out. If you have played other mobile puzzle games before, it won’t be hard to grasp the concept.

Early puzzles are easy while the latter ones are more complex, which is to be expected. One way to solve the puzzle is to analyze the patterns or hues whenever possible. As pointed out earlier, you can rotate the picture and you may need to do that many times to solve the puzzle.

There is a paid subscription service option, so you can check that out if you’re interested. But the free edition is already fun and comparable to other high quality brain teaser games. A lot of games today are simply for passing the time, but here you actually learn to use your creativity.

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