Stranger Things: The Game is, of course, a tie into the popular Netflix show. Unlike other tie games, this is 100% free with no ads, pop-ups or in-app purchases. It also happens to be an excellent 16-bit adventure game from BonusXPGames that takes you back to the 80s. As you delve into the town of Hawkins, puzzles and mysteries await.

You start the game as police chief Jim Hopper who learns that Will and his friends have vanished. Naturally, the game has lots of references to the show. It’s not necessary to have watched Stranger Things to enjoy the game, but this is set after season 1 and before season 2, so events from season 1 are referenced here.

Controls are easy to figure out as you just tap to shoot, tap to throw and tap to solve puzzles. It’s a good thing too since you’ll be doing a lot of exploring, fighting and puzzle solving to find Will and his buddies. You start the search at the lab and after you find Lucas, you’ll be able to switch between Lucas and chief Hopper.

It’s a good idea to play Lucas if there are several enemies coming at you since he has the ability to hit enemies from afar. As you solve more puzzles and advance, you’ll get access to more characters and avail of their special skills. There are also lots of collectibles and upgrades that you can get while exploring the dungeons.

With plenty of details and engaging gameplay, Stranger Things: the Game will delight the show’s fans and lovers of quality games.

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