Word games are fun and also good brain exercise, but with so many it can be hard to tell them apart. One title that’s been able to do that is Word Search: Find Hidden Words. If you have played other mobile word games before, the gameplay will be familiar. And if it’s your first time this is as good an introduction to the genre as any.

Word Search has elements of scrabble and crossword, except this time you’re tapping and swiping your mobile device’s screen. The goal is simple enough: find the hidden word in the grid, and you do that by sliding the letters diagonally, left, right up or down. If you’re able to find the words you can proceed to the next level and keep playing.

There are 30 categories to choose from so there’s more than enough puzzles to keep you occupied for several hours. There are also three modes to choose from: Relax, Story and Topic. If you select Topic mode you’ll get to guess words based on the topic you chose. If you guess a word correctly, you’ll be notified. The word you’re looking for is displayed so you’ll have an easier time figuring out what to search for.

With story mode you’ll have to guess the words to figure out how the story goes. Relax mode is the easiest and should suit those who just want to play in short, quick bursts. There are a few options to customize the colors, and there is support for multiple languages.

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