C_mpl_t_ is an interesting puzzle game that requires the power of observation. Created by hilipp Stollenmayer, it requires you to fill in the missing pieces in the image to guess what it is. The game title, for instance, spells “complete” but is missing a few letters. That is how the game goes so it is easy to get.

The mechanics of the game cannot be easier as you just need to use your eyes to guess the mystery puzzle shape.

When you start CMPLT you will see a grid board lined up with textured squares. What you do is look at the squared / pixelated image and try to guess what the missing piece is. When you guess it right you move on to the next puzzle. The early puzzles are really simple and will only take a few seconds to guess. For instance, you will see a pixelated human face with a missing eye, a bee mug, a rocket ship etc.

While the early puzzles are easy to figure out, the rest of the puzzles are harder and will require your attention. You will not be penalized for tapping a tile in the wrong spot, so just focus on what you are doing. And if you are having trouble figuring it out, use the tile colors to get an idea.

It is not as easy as you think and you might be surprised at how hard it can be to identify well-known objects when pixelated. With its tap and swipe controls though, CMPLT is a game that you can immerse yourself in and enjoy.

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