Outfolded from 3 Sprockets is a geometry puzzle game, but before you dismiss this as just another run of the mill type, it actually puts a new spin on things. The objective is to unfold 3D cube shapes, with a series of planes left behind. You can visualize this as a gift box being unwrapped, so it offers a unique take on the genre.

The game offers you several shapes to work with, and you have to unfold this to make a path from a given square to a destination square. When you unfold, the sides need to touch the game board and you have to utilize all the shapes to attain your goal. If you cannot unfold a shape any more, the other planes vanish, cutting down the distance your pieces can cover.

At the bottom left you will see every shape that you are going to use for that level. You start by tapping and dragging a shape, and there is a tutorial that will guide you through the basics of the game. When you have one of those shapes on the board, swipe in the direction where you want to unfold, and when there are no more sides, a square will flash and that is where you will start from.

As you play Outfolded you will come across a lot of more complex challenges like asymmetrical shapes, crosses, zigzags, and more. Naturally the game gets harder, but the progression doesn’t feel too difficult. Another nice thing is there are limitless undos so you can take your time with the game.

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