The album cover of Sun-drenched Vol. 1 (Her Summer Mixtape) by Steven Martinez aka The Ambient Light depicts gorgeous waves splashing on a sandy beach. It is a dreamy image and a perfect match for the 9 chillout tracks. Martinez, based in LA, has produced a solid album that caters to casual listeners and those who want to delve deeper into human emotions and feelings.

The opening title track sets the tone for the rest of the album. Her Summer Mixtape is lush, dreamy and atmospheric, with the vocals and instrumentation combining beautifully. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy the rhythm, but it’s worth diving deeper into the lyrics.

“Hope to see you again someday / You run but come back to me” goes the lines in Her Summer Mixtape, and longing for a lost love echoes in the other tracks. The superb Feelin’ Kinda Lost asks the question “what if i grow too old and a die alone”, something we can all relate to. People Go their Own Way continues this train of thought, pondering on loneliness and relationships.

Wake Up Tired is one of the more upbeat tracks, and Summer Thoughts is smooth and breezy. Will You be All Right and Summer Insomnia close out the album, and they complement the laid back feel of the songs. In spite of the depressing lyrics, Sun-drenched Vol. 1 is the type of album you can listen to when you want to chill.

Favorite Tracks
Her Summer Mixtape
Feelin’ Kinda Lost
Wake Up Tired

Track List
1. Her Summer Mixtape 2:22
2. Feelin’ Kinda Lost 3:10
3. People Go Their Own Way 2:44
4. Hazy Hymn 1:22
5. Wake Up Tired 3:24
6. Summer Thoughts 3:05
7. Memories From the Past 1:22
8. Will You be All Right 2:13
9. Summer Insomnia 1994 :155

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