Ever heard of a record that’s gorgeously enchanting and calming?

That’s how we feel about Juleah‘s third entry into the psychedelic rock canon: Entangled and Entwined. Compared by NME Radar to “the wavering vocals and instrumentation of Mazzy Star” and the “anthemic drive of Ride”, Austrian Julia Hummer successfully marries the much-hyped shoegaze genre and folk rock in dreamy ways we didn’t expect.

She starts off by “breaking my own pledge” on the contemplative “The Verge“, which immediately acquaints us with the singer’s lush melodies and haunting vocal work. However, all that’s simply a primer to the quasi-90’s romp “Neverending Swell” – so ‘swell’ you’ll be compelled to sway alongside.

The vibe gets considerably trippy on “The Magic Vineyard” and the concluding “I Sway Enchantedly“, two tunes with a heavy ‘nature’ slant,  evoking images of the classics The Secret Garden and Alice in Wonderland. [An audio companion, perhaps?]

Ultimately, our pick lies on “The Sixth and Seventh Moon‘s” morose lyrics, a reminder that love (an interpretation) is inevitably of the few force fields who addictive capacities we won’t be able to escape — all that’s implied, ‘course. 

For those lazy, breezy afternoons, this is the go-to playlist for you.

Track listing:
1. The Verge
2. Neverending Swell
3. Magic Vineyard
4. The Sixth and Seventh Moon
5. I Sway Enchantedly

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