It’s rare when a well-known indie act gives away a full-length release for free, but when they do, it’s bound to be a chockful of new favorites.

Just ask anyone who listened to Wilco‘s ninth (and free) studio album, “Star Wars,” which isn’t short of celestial and heavenly. I’m speaking here from the perspective of a convert, whose only encounters with their music are on carefully-curated film soundtracks.

Opening intro ‘EKG‘ shows that Jeff Tweedy and the gang are still at it after 20 years. Moreover, succeeding tunes ‘More…‘ and ‘Random Name Generator‘ are examples of their unwaning songwriting and production genius that keeps them on top-of-mind of every music aficionado’s consciousness.

The album’s longest track, ‘You Satellite,’ is a display of the other band members’ prowess; just check out the instrumental portion near the end and you’ll see (hear). My favorite, ‘Pickled Ginger,’ is one progressive ‘chase’ track that’ll leave listeners’ blood pumping ’til the album’s end.

It’s pretty safe to say that the stars have aligned for this gem.

Track list:
1. “EKG”
2. “More…”
3. “Random Name Generator”
4. “The Joke Explained”
5. “You Satellite”
6. “Taste the Ceiling”
7. “Pickled Ginger”
8. “Where Do I Begin”
9. “Cold Slope”
10. “King of You”
11. “Magnetized”

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