If you want music that resonates joy and fun, meet FriendlierBear. The name sounds exactly like the music – warm, fuzzy and friendly.

The man behind FriendlierBear is Philip Alexander Payne, a local of Philadelphia who is trying to put into music the colors he dreamed of. Coming from his background in science and classical music, he presents a gorgeously layered project that can only be made possible by someone who knows what elements mesh together beautifully or if they don’t, how to make them come together in a way that makes sense.


Title track Arise, Jack Russell is reminiscent of Kishi Bashi, another one-man band that delves in psychedelic pop-electronic genre. It is an uplifting electronica song that has a lot of tapping, keyboards and stuff that dreams are made of. It is like a ball of potential energy just waiting to explode once unleashed. Payne’s penchance for the playful is evident in this track as it has a certain childlike quality to it in terms of sounding more free and unrestricted.

Arise, Jack Russell! from FriendlierBear on Vimeo.

Listen to the soundtrack of the world that Payne has built through his rose-colored lens. His music’s dreamlike quality is captivating, surreal and promising. FriendlierBear is definitely an artist who has a vision and knows how to put it out there.

Track List:
1. Oh, Great Gorecky
2. Arise, Jack Russell
3. It Is Not Silent
4. Rockets
5. Room and Borders

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