Nobody wants to pay high prices for gas, and with GasBuddy there is no need to. As you may have guessed, the app provides info for the cheapest gas prices near you, but it offers a lot more options so you can save money and make the most of what you spend on gas.

The app has a simple but efficient interface, and with a few taps and swipes you get access to the most affordable gas stations in the United States and Canada. Just search by city, zip code or state and you receive updated results.

GasBuddy provides user generated information so you are assured the info is the latest. if you use the search function to look up your city, the app generates results from various gas stations in your location, making it easy to compare the price and distance your location.

There are filters in the search function so you can refine a search by fuel type. Want information on gas price movements the past month? The app has gas charts that track prices for the past 18 months.

GasBuddy also has gas price heat maps for the US and Canada so you get a snapshot of the price per gallon in those countries. Planning to visit another state? You can use the app to check out the average gas price there.

Lastly you earn points by using GasBuddy and can also use the app to pay for gas. This entitles you to more savings.

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