Producer Broke For Free, from California, takes the concept of “bedroom musician” a tad seriously. He claims on his Facebook page that he “records and produces from his bed.” and then goes on to give us a further exposition, “It’s a queen size though so it’s all good”. The artist’s music, much like his humor, is quick, simple and tasteful. And anybody looking for an introduction may look no further than the six-track Directionless EP.

All of Broke For Free‘s productions are strikingly minimalist in their design. His skeletal screen of sound consists of nothing much more than a few notes on the keyboard, some synth melodies and a sparse percussion that plays in the background. A listener may also quickly notice how Broke For Free has a sharp eye for detail, which makes Directionless the kind of record that reveals something on every listen that you missed previously – perhaps a hazy bassline or a tiny bit of melody crammed in the middle of a track. All of these elements fall together in place to create a mellow, escapist ambiance that one would associate with the feeling of napping at home on a rainy day or taking an early morning stroll through a lonely forest. A listen is recommended to anybody in the search of a short dose of tastefully done electronica.

Track List
1. Night Owl 03:14
2. My Always Mood 03:08
3. Day Bird 03:43
4. My Luck 05:22
5. Mell’s Parade 03:18
6. Only Instrumental 02:38

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