From Los Angeles to everywhere in between, the mysterious singer, song writer, music publishing and licensing recording artist, Amber Constant A.K.A Ambrosia has wowed and gained the well deserved applause. And yes, she definitely made her way to the Los Angeles music scene with her debut album, Glitter and Gold. The album title itself is a statement that defines the glamor of each track reflecting the fab life of Amber.

Glitter and Gold offers five stunning tracks inspired by Katy Perry, Katrina Stone and for the likes. Her electro-pop euphony emphasized by her mesmerizing voice and catchy hooks gives a dancy sensation that will definitely shake each body off. For most of the album, Ambrosia showcases her skills as a writer as she beautifully arranged each lyric into simplest yet witty form and brings them into life with an adhering depth. The aura of the album gives a euphoric vibe that will definitely put a smile to anyone who will listen to her music.

Track Lists:
1. Chasing the Sunsets
2. Magic
3. The Gossip
4. Beautiful World
5. Glitter & Gold

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