It’s hard for musicians these days to deliver their musical offerings in that seamless way that just makes a song click with its listeners — particularly when their flavor follows that pleasingly off-kilter vibe that electronic indie artists have a penchant for.

But with Luzius Stone’s 2014 album, Electric Dream, the independent electronica musician seems to have hit the stride right, offering up a collection of songs that stays true to its genre’s quirky neon beats while anchoring on a crowd-pleasing pop chug and taking in the haunting melodies.

Luzius Stone

“Fire in the Sky” builds up gradually from synths and strong vocals, eventually adding percussive cadence that will prompt listeners to press the repeat button several times before moving on to explore what other gems this album holds. For more creative beats, “Dna” satisfies with a danceable kinetic song and an intro that prompts, at the very least, a toe-tapping/ head-bobbing beat. 

Definitely a great addition to your music collection and best to download now before the artist makes it big and stops releasing his music for free. You’ll be glad you did, trust me.

Track list: 
1. Go
2. Fire in The Sky
3. Ocean Eyes
4. Past Life
5. Reminisce
6. Aqua Dance
7. Telescope
8. DNA
9. Lunar Clips
10. What A Day
11. It’s On

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