OpenProj – open source project management software

OpenProj is an open-source software designed for project management. It is a free alternative to the commercial software Microsoft Project. It is also available for Linux, Mac, Unix and Windows and since a lot of people contribute to the project, OpenProj is available in a number of languages like Finnish, Korean, Russian, Spanish, German, French and many others.

Tux Paint – free drawing program for kids and kids at heart

Tux Paint is a free art and drawing computer software especially designed for children. It has a lot of fun sound effects, an easy-to-use graphic interface, and a cute penguin to help the kids as they go along using Tux Paint. It is also available for Mac OSX, Linux, Windows and other operating systems. Softpedia has rated it as excellent, and we guess it's because kids and kids at heart surely love its features as Tux Paint helps them to be more creative.

Cinelerra – capture, compose and edit high quality video

Video editing and capturing can get quite expensive - especially if you decided to purchase the most popular commercial grade software to produce high quality videos, films and movies. Cinelerra is a free video editing suite for GNU/Linux which lets you capture, compose and edit videos. It also has a video compositing engine which allows you to do operations like matting and keying.

ED3-STUDIO e-Vibes – complex and curious electronic trance tracks

e-Vibes is a great mixture of various electronic, techno, trance and ambient tracks made by the French ED3-Studio. With 13 tracks of great variety, e-Vibes is one electronic album which would make you think that such music can really bring you to some kind of trance - in a good way. Dance, chill, and do whatever you want to do with this diverse electronic music album.

MuseScore – make music sheets in an instant

For some musicians making a music sheets by hand is quite a horror. How else can you perfectly draw those lines & notes, and then manage to understand it all afterward? We've found just the perfect software for you. MuseScore allows you to input notes using mouse, keyboard or through a MIDI sequencer, and gives you the perfect looking music sheets each time. Best part for most musicians - it is a user-friendly, open-source and a FREE.

Kendra Springer: Hope

Kendra Springer's Hope is a 12-track album featuring instrumental piano tracks composed and performed by Kendra. Her lyrical piano music speaks for itself, even if it does not include any words. As you listen to her album, you would certainly feel and hear that her music really comes from the heart - absolutely enough to lift your spirits and heighten your hopes.

Luminance HDR Qtpfsgui – cross platform HDR tonemapping software

Luminance HDR is an open source software designed specifically for HDR Imaging tone mapping. It supports JPEG, TIFF and even RAW files straight from most digital SLR cameras and other high-end point-and-shoot cameras. HDR Imaging, or high dynamic range imaging, is the process of allowing a wider range of luminances between the darkest and brightest areas of a certain picture to display a more accurate representation of intensity levels in real life.

AndreaMosaic – easy and quick way make photo mosaics free

Capturing that special moment with a camera is probably one of the most common things nowadays. Make it even more special by creating a photo mosaic out of your digital photos. Nowadays, you don't have to spend a lot of money in a photo shop to have it done. You can do it yourself with a free software called Andrea Mosaic on your own desktop.

Circa Vitae’s self titled EP – a plethora of human experience in alternative rock

Not all music albums are created the same way; there are some which just pass by, and others which gets stuck in your media player and your head. And Circa Vitae certainly does a very good job with the latter. Circa Vitae EP contains eight tracks which are resemblant of pop, rock and electronic fused with indie flavor. Literally translated into "About Life," Circa Vitae definitely puts a lot of life factors and experiences in this music album.


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