e-Vibes is a great mixture of various electronic, techno, trance and ambient tracks made by the French ED3-Studio.

With 13 tracks of great variety, e-Vibes is one electronic album which would make you think that such music can really bring you to some kind of trance – in a good way. Dance, chill, and do whatever you want to do with this diverse electronic music album.

A really cool trivia about ED3-Studio is that he is not a professional DJ or mixer – he is actually a freelance web designer based in Billere, France. He is an active member of some kind of graphic community in the country, and began to make his own mixes and music when he joined a music group called HoMyGod back in 1999. Since then, he has been scratching and mixing his own music, apart from designing web pages.


After some years, he then decided that it would be good for him to share some of his music creations through Jamendo.

e-Vibes has 13 tracks, and each one is quite different from the other. One track might give you fast beats, making you want to dance or just be in a certain ‘high’ mood, while some give you a mellow ambient music with touches of electronic music. There’s Souvenirs of a Legend with its relaxing bird sounds as a start and some tribal flavor beats in the middle that might just keep your head bobbing. Switch to Come on baby, feel the vibes and cool down all those speedy tracks in a more laid-back track.

We say that ED3-Studio is a really creative person both for web design and electronic music.

And it seems like he really is.

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