Hydrogen is a free drum machine for Linux/GNU. Its features allow you to make your drum beats professionally, but without having to pay for them. The easy-to-use graphical user interface allows users to intuitively make their beats. Hydrogen has a built-in sequencer and mixer, allowing you to layer up to sixteen samples for each instrument. And with a wide array of supported files, you can easily be your own DJ with Hydrogen.

Really Slick Screensavers

Really Slick Screensavers is a group of alternative screensavers for Windows users. These 3D OpenGL screensavers are free to download, and look really cool compared to your stock screensavers. Choose one from the collection of 11 free screensavers, you surely won’t look at your computer the same way again. Put on these screensavers, stare at your monitor for some time, close the lights and throw a party – they are definitely hypnotizing and can take you to another world.

Boom Boom Beckett: Vélos

Italian band Boom Boom Beckett presents Vélos, an album featuring soft and sexy Italian lounge music. The 8-track music album ranges from soft jazz-like music, to the faster blues-like music. Almost each of the music track features the sexy sound of saxophone, paired with a little play on the bass and the drum beats, so be prepared to feel a little sexy while swaying your hips.


Paint.NET is open-source software for editing images and photos in Windows. It is a great alternative to Paint because of unlimited undo commands, image effects, layer support and various tools. Paint.NET now has a strong community involved in providing help and tips, as well as tutorials on how to utilize the powerful features of this software.

ImgBurn – a free CD, DVD, HD-DVD and BluRay burner

ImgBurn is a light-weight program designed to burn CDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs and Blu-ray discs. This free software supports many file formats such as CUE, BIN, ISO, IMG, NRG, and features an 'Advanced' mode where users can edit the total layout of files and folders in the disc. ImgBurn allows you to burn just about anything in a single and easy-to-use software. It is available as a free download for Windows, and supports a wide array of languages.

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware – destroy bad bytes in a jiffy!

MalwareBytes is a free and easy-to-use anti-malware program which effectively scans your computer and removes malware & other malicious programs. It is also quite fast, as a quick scan only takes around 8 minutes. MalwareBytes can also determine the difference between dangerous applications, as well as false positives. The software has been CNET's Editors' Choice in April 2009 and is available for Windows only at this time.

Krento – organize your software the simple 3D way

Krento is a free 3D application launcher for Windows. It features a three-dimensional circular dock where you can access your applications, customize your dock sets, drag & drop your files, and make your own shortcuts. It makes it easy for you to organize your desktop and access your favorite programs in a flash. Krento is available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

Triplexity’s ‘Between Light and Shadow’ – smooth, groovy & sultry nujazz

Triplexity's Between Light and Shadow is a nujazz album fused with different genres to offer a bit of something to everybody. It features 12 tracks of different kinds of lounge music ranging from oriental to breakbeat. Triplexity is the combination of the words 'Triplex' and 'Complexity', mainly because it is made up of three musicians from different countries and culture, giving their music a touch of each of their personalities.

doubleTwist – sync your iPod, PSP & Blackberry in one free software

doubleTwist is a free alternative to iTunes - but not exclusively to the iPod or the iPhone. It also lets you organize and sync mobile phones, MP3 players, camcorders and cameras. Easily sync your iTunes playlists, videos and photos with BlackBerry, Sony PSP, Nokia N & E Series, Android phones, Windows Mobile Phones and a handful of other devices - all in one, free software. doubleTwist is available for Windows and Mac users at the moment.


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