Capturing that special moment with a camera is probably one of the most common things nowadays. Make it even more special by creating a photo mosaic out of your digital photos.

Nowadays, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in a photo shop to have it done. You can do it yourself with a free software called Andrea Mosaic on your own desktop.

Andrea Mosaic lets you compile your favorite pictures to make a cute photo mosaic. Make those memories even extra special by making a collage of the photos. Your loved ones would surely love it!

Aside from making photo mosaics from existing photos, Andrea Mosaic also lets you use video clips to be used as a photo mosaic. Now you can see little pictures of scenes in succession in your photo mosaic.

You can adjust your desired number of tiles when you make your mosaic. Put as many or as few tiles as you want, and you would still get one photo mosaic. And because it is quite easy to use, you can make your photo mosaics in a few seconds. A few simple clicks here and there – and you are done.

Andrea Mosaic does not cost anything for anybody, although people may opt to donate if they wish to. There is the optional professional or bonus pack, which the developer offers for those who donate to the project.

With a software this cool, it’s absolutely hard to imagine that it doesn’t cost anything to use. Oh, and of course, you won’t stop making mosaics of those special moments, as well.

Andrea Mosaic is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

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