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Monopoly Hotels

Build, buy and manage you own hotels with this one awesome treat. Monopoly Hotels is inspired by the classic Monopoly board game but concentrates just a little bit more on the hotels rather than what you might be used to in the original. Start with a cheap piece of land and build your way to Donald Trump status or a Hilton chain. You choose the designs and amenities which will make or break you.

Google Translate

The Google Translate app on your Android or iPhone means that you will never lose for words in another language again. The download will bring to your phone the functions of Google Translate online site. With this app at your finger tips, you don't need to lug around multiple dictionaries or phrasebooks. The great advantage of Google Translate is that it's not just for one language to English, but gives you combinations of around 80 languages. So go ahead and help your Russian friend talk to his Japanese colleague.

Murder in New York

Murder in New York is a great detective game for your PCs. Help the Special Enquiry Detail crack the case and catch the criminal. Here you are in charge of investigation of the murder of Phelps Carmody, socialite and daughter of a prominent New York billionaire known for his charitable work. Youíll find yourself immersed in the case as a New York City detective pursuing the truth.

Brain Age Game

The Brain Age Game, as the name infers, finds out your brain age. It also trains your brain in minutes a day and is super fun for all ages. It consists of a variety of tests for memory performance and problem solving using touch and voice function already on your phone to analyze your reflexes, concentration, memory and mathematical abilities.

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is fully featured interface for aspiring mixers and DJs. Itís way more than just a toy for amateurs, with this one you get your creative juices flowing. The full version is downloadable but paid for. The Free Home version includes nearly all the features of VirtualDJ Pro, with only a few limitations. Itís all you need if composing from your computer. You only need the full version to use any additional DJ hardware (mixer, turntable, DJ controller or video projector) in a club.

PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier removes unneeded programs from brand-new and used PCs. It takes you step by step, giving recommendations on what to ditch. Software downloads often come with other add-ons or in bundles. But it's not only what you've download that can be a burden on your system - new PCs come with pre-installed software that you might never even use. Most of them are harmless but if you have more than just few they just could slow down your machine.


Wordfeud, developed by Bertheussen IT, is a cross-platform multiplayer puzzle game. Come up with bigger and better words, challenge friends or random opponents, and play up to 30 separate games simultaneously. It is pretty much like scrabble for your iPhone and Android. It's played on a 15x15 board with virtual tiles offering double or triple letter scores on the individual letters or the whole word if you cover them up. Just like the old board game you play one word from your seven letter tiles, refill your rack with letters from a tile pool as you use them and then it's your opponent's turn. When the pool is empty and there are no tiles for making words, the highest score wins.


Songbird manages your music and videos on a number of devices. It is a perfect tool for syncing all of your libraries to your phone, computer, or an Mp3 player. And if you are a avid fan of certain radio stations or those amazing podcasts you have been tuning to nearly everyday, Songbird will never leave you hanging. Unlike some music players it's not super predictive, which I personally like. It's more about accessing your library, radio and online sources in one quick passage.


Tonepad provides ready-to-go effects and amplifier for the do-it-yourself musician. Create tunes from your phone and share them. Whether you have tried composing before or not, TonePad from LoftLab is a free and simple music application that will get you tinkering tunes in no time. Simply press buttons in a random fashion and create a synthesised tune - whether it be any good or not, is up to.

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