Fake Label Records was a quirky label put up by buddies, Tim Held and Justin Foss. Focusing on acts from the Pacific Northwest, the label was fairly small and follows a DIY approach when it comes to promoting and getting music out there.

Fake It or Leave It: Vol. 1 was their first compilation and it smoothly showcases all the talented artists under the label as well as a couple of works from Tim and Justin.

Even though there has been no new music released from this duo, we still felt it was good enough to dust off this 2012 EP and give it a listen. It’s an exciting journey between punk, rock, indie, alternative and even pop that gives listeners a picture of what the label is all about.


I’ve mentioned my praise for compilation records before, they’re great avenues to discover new bands. Fake It Or Leave It: Vol 1 is no different. For this one, you get to choose and enjoy music from 13 different acts. Although there are great new acts on here, there are a few that stand out. Here are some of my recommended tracks:

Tyrannosaurus grace: Class

Although this is kind of a given, two of the members are behind the label after all. They do prove that their sound deserves a listen just like the rest of the guys in the roster. Their synth pop/alternative rock sound is a classic, yet they play enough with the composition to turn it into something that’s easy to listen to. Expect to find sweeping guitars and great vocals on here.

Smoosh: We Are Our Own Lies

This is the first time I’ve heard Smoosh for a long while. Encountered their music way back when they were just kids and it was fascinating to watch them play their odd synth pop sound then. Today, their music is just a lovely. A little bit more tighter (as expected) and certainly sounds endearing than ever. They retain that girly charm as well as beautiful melodies while infusing it with a veil of mystique and interest. It’s a very pretty song and one that’s easy to put on playback.

You can also check out music from Mnemonic Sounds as well as the FLR cuts. Overall, the album is pretty good. Each song is special and can stand on its own. There’s no need to skip out on one track at all. Go ahead and grab the download. It’s quite a treat.

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