Hailing from Leicester, UK, SCŌTT XYLO offers a memorable blend of space-age beats and electronic experimentation. XYLO is also an avid music fan, something easy to spot with his album “Ridley Scott“, which doesn’t only take its name from the recognized movie director, but goes one step further drawing inspiration from his semi-prequel to “Alien”, “Prometheus”. The record’s description on Bandcamp reads nothing more than “A sci-fi adventure”, and it’s really all you need to understand its intention.

Scott Xylo

Ridley Scott feels like a journey through space and time in a ship from the not-so-near future. It’s extremely unpredictable and completely focused on immersing the listener into its futuristic, sometimes space-less atmosphere. The opening cut, “Constellation of Prometheus“, sets the tone straight away with a dynamic combo of synths and broken beats, before introducing a lovely break in the middle – it’s an instant highlight. The lush instrumentation is a constant throughout the record, sometimes complemented by the vocal sampling heard on tracks such as “[anakin]” (Star Wars snippet included) and “Ctrl+Alt+XY“. Some other cuts take a more scenic route, “Pandora” uses subtle bird chirping noises while “Saibogu” starts with sounds taken from what seems to be an Asian market on a busy weekend morning, followed by bubbly synths and one heck of a bassline. It’s all filled with interesting textures and unexpected melodic variations. Talking about basslines, the closer “Dark Side Of The Moon” finishes the record with an amazing low-frequency riff and minimal percussion, accompanied by the usual synth magic found all over Ridley Scott.

SCŌTT XYLO has created a remarkable ode to space-age storytelling with Ridley Scott’s 10 tracks, setting a perfect backdrop for those looking to explore the depths of the universe, or even better, their own minds. Have a cup of coffee or your preferred relaxing item, put on some headphones and let your mind wander through this release’s unique proposition.

Favorite tracks: Constellation Of Prometheus, Dark Side Of The Moon, Saibogu, Moon_Lighting.

Track list:
1. Constellation Of Prometheus 03:34
2. ::Alpha::Centauri:: 00:35
3. Ctrl+Alt+XY 02:56
4. Pandora 02:56
5. [anakin] 01:47
6. Saibogu 02:11
7. Paprika 03:20
8. Moon_Lighting 01:39
9. AfteRThompson 00:58
10. Dark Side Of The Moon 01:07

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