BJ Block & Dawn Pemberton: II

Simply titled, II; BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton's second collaboration bears the same uplifting positive emotion and meaningful lyrics that has made their first effort, The Land of Make Believe, a success. They've continued the tradition of releasing this one for free as well and listeners are getting a chance to hear it first in Frostwire. Containing 9 soulful tracks, it bears the familiar sound of jazz, funk, R&B and gospel that has become a trademark for the feel-good, positive and chill vibe of their music.

Emmy Curl: Origins

Emmy Curl's latest EP, Origins, yearns to find a sense of wonder in the world. The Portugal-born musician grew up with a lot of interest in arts such as music, painting, theater, and photography. In the early age of 15, Curl had already produced songs in her father's studio.

The Ugly Club: You Belong to The Minutes

After a successful run with, Visions of a Tall Girl, which has gathered more than 100,000 downloads on the Frostclick site. Indie psych band, The Ugly Club is making sure they leave you impressed with their latest record, You Belong to the Minutes. These New Jersey natives have brewed a quiet storm in their short presence; creating two albums and going from small bars to performing the festival circuit as well as gracing national concert stages in a short time span.

Just Do It

Given an exclusive access by two (Climate Camp and Plane Stupid) environmental and climate change protest groups, Emily James (director, camera) followed them in their endeavors as they enthusiastically executed their plans by putting up camp sites in air strips, super gluing themselves to each other to form human barricades, and serving cups of tea to bystanders to show their passionate sense of responsibility for the future.

Kings of the City: A FrostWire Special

With the advent of bands combining elements from different genres such as the rock scene and the hip-hop culture, mixing up guitar riffs with mad beats and free flowing lyrics, Kings of the City does a great job in standing out from the crowd. This London-based seven man group blends blues, rock-n-roll, hip-hop and grime like no other. A diverse group as theirs will surely cater to audiences who like unique sounds and have eclectic musical taste.

Cinema Sleep: Make Your Way EP

Clearly bearing some rock genes on them, Cinema Sleep is a five-piece crew that's all set to impress you with their awesome rock sound. Led by Brad Reis on vocals, he's joined by Alex Asch on lead guitar, Trevor Johnson on guitar/vocals, Ryan Meyers on bass and Kevin Vincent on drums. According to the group, their "passion for music has brought us together to form the perfect lineup to create a sound that is uniquely our own." Make Your Way is the band's big debut EP and from the sound of things, they'll be here to stay for a good long while.