Formerly known as Kid Kaos, this Atlanta-based MC, blogger and marketer has traded in the kid part for being a “Señor.”

The Most Interesting MC in the World is the artists’ latest compilation and comes with 20 plus tracks for your enjoyment.

Born to a DJ father and a poet mother, it wasn’t long before Kaos started spinning his own rhymes. By the time he was 17, he would sneak into clubs for battles to get a feel for who was in the scene. His obvious talent and passion eventually led him to become one of Atlanta’s most well-known underground emcees. 

Pretty much a self-made artist, he financed his first record by working a telemarketing job. His first release went on to sell 2,000 copies, which is a pretty good feat for a relatively unknown artist and a record that has no marketing, major airplay or video backing. From there, he went on to share the stage with some of the brightest names in hip hop like Ice Cube, Redman & Method Man, KRS One and Ghostface among many others.

When you listen to The Most Interesting MC in the World, it’s easy to understand why Kaos is easily gaining a strong foothold in the underground scene. His sound contains solid rhymes and catchy beats. It’s a nice balance that’ll keep listeners want to listen to the lyrics while also enjoy the general beat that’s driving in the background.

The album also features a host of other emcees and artists, all contributing to create depth and add their own touch to the tracks. A few singles you shouldn’t miss out on include the Microphone Crushers, Hard To Quite The Rhymes, and Checkmate.

Overall, you’ll definitely find something “interesting” in this record. Worth noting especially if you’re keeping an eye out for a new emcee to like and enjoy.

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