Emmy Curl‘s latest EP, Origins, yearns to find a sense of wonder in the world. The Portugal-born musician grew up with a lot of interest in arts such as music, painting, theater, and photography. In the early age of 15, Curl had already produced songs in her father’s studio.

With musical influences such as Little Dragon, Morphine, and Goldfrapp, Emmy Curl‘s music swims between the waves of acoustic and alternative dream pop. In Origins, the young artist offers us six radio-polished tracks that exudes seamless fluidity.

Turn Off the Light sets the album’s atmosphere as spacey tunes blends well with Curl’s echoing and powerful vocals. The dash of acoustic strings with the dreamy atmosphere serves the right amount of sonic flavor.

Imaginary comes off next with a sharper and stronger beat. The deep bass and high keys make a good contrast to this little piece of wonder. Epiphany, on the other hand, uses Curl’s surreal voice to produce an acoustic ballad that will surely ease the senses.

A personal favorite, Song of Origin is a wonderful piece that’s artfully arranged yet incredibly listenable. Close your eyes and let this layered, ghostly track fill that perfect Sunday morning.

Whether it’s a celebration of life or pondering on the simplest of things, Emmy Curl has created her own musical language, stirring our cores one song at a time.

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Track List
1. Turn Off The Light 04:19
2. Imaginary 03:24
3. Epiphany 03:00
4. Song Of Origin 03:38
5. Stream 04:31
6. Clarity 03:12

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