Baiyu is no stranger to our website. Featured back in December of last year, her album Fan Fair made quite a splash with our readers/FrostWire community, reaching nearly 230,000 people and breaking FrostWire’s record of most downloads in 24 hours.

But now the time came for this amazing lady to come back with a brand new album – and since every time Baiyu releases something new it is bigger and better, you know you are in for a real treat. Hunter is a ‘cover to cover’ one sexy album filled with thirteen gorgeous RnB/pop tracks, piercing vocals and flawless execution. This new release might just be a road to the very, very bright future.

Straight of the bat Journey of the Soul sets up the mood for this one sexy record. It comes dressed in some eerie synths and one epic hip-hop vibe that is going to hook you up until you finish the album. Vertigo ft. Los, on the other hand, will make you sing along in no time. The lyrics float from the subtle verses to strong catchy choruses and its melodies take you from the soft sounds all the way to the club worthy beats.
In fact if you listen closely, the album touches upon various musical tones like the electrifying electro pop, R&B and some rather “indie-esque” tunes. Little variety to satisfy all the senses.

Baiyu “Hunter” Hunter by FrostClick

Hunter is certainly a great newcomer to the music scene as next to providing us with some great beats it takes us on a journey to explore all things that are more than just fundamental to the human nature. As Baiyu herself explains “I feel like we’re all Hunters in our own right, whether we’re looking for glory or acceptance; love or revenge; or even just the simple things in life that put a smile on our faces — it is a quest for something that is in a way almost primal and innate to our individual characters.” And the title track, one of my very favorites, speaks of just that (take a listen up top).

The album features a number of talented artists such as Los of the Bad Boy family, Soul/R&B singer Hal Linton, as well as former American Idol contestant Paul Kim, making this one a great musical experience. It also features Rotimi (from the series Boss on the Starz network) who together with Baiyu created one amazing video for the song “Invisible”.

Baiyu is not only a talented musician, in fact it seems that she can do just about anything. In 2012, this will mean taking on a new chapter in a life as she makes her acting debut in the independent film scene. So make sure to follow Baiyu on Facebook and Twitter to find out about all the exciting upcoming projects. But wait, there is more. If you love “Hunter” you should probably know that in the coming days, the project will “grow beyond its musical component and extend into a book of poetry, as well as the release of Baiyu’s comic book series and animated short titled The Illuminators.” Stay tuned.


I am the hunter
Who is the hunted

Hailing from the future
And haunted by the past
I hunt

I hunt for truth
Not in the physical
But all things inverted
I hunt for the non tangible
In a tangible world

I hunt for answers
In a place of lies
Veiled truths
In a land of misconception
And naïveté

I hunt for freedom
Born of shackles
The breaking free
Makes the struggle
A relief

I hunt for love
In the things that I hate
In the irritants
And in the irate

In the hunt for it all
I am belittled and ravaged
But my hunt is my path
And my destiny is hunting
So I am born

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