Tommy Illfigga: Walk A Mile

Coming Up Down Under: When most people think of the term 'Hip Hop', they usually don't picture an Australian and why would they? It's not like you see an Aussie 'Hip Hop' clothing line when you go to the store, or watch any reality TV Shows about washed up ex-rappers from Down Under. In fact, I asked 100 random people outside of a record store in Long Beach, CA who their favorite Hip Hop artist from Australia is - and 100% couldn't name one, with over 80% unaware there was Hip Hop in the 'land of oz'. Well, not only is there Hip Hop in Australia, but the scene is thriving with in its constrictive boarders.

Rogue Valley: Crater Lake

Rogue Valley is an indie rock band coming to us straight from Minneapolis, MN. Composed of Chis Koza, Peter Sieve, Luke Anderson, Linnea Mohn, and Joey Kantor, the band creates beautiful piercing melodies and fill them with vocals that will make you hooked to the speakers for hours at the time. False Floors is the fourth album the group released in a single year! It's also the last from the series, which by no means was random. In fact, not only do all of the releases mirror the feeling of the season they have been created in, they also "act as chapters, standing strongly on their own, yet creating an undeniably rich experience when taken as a whole."

Jermaine Riley: Hello Earth

Jermaine Riley might not be a household name just yet but he's certainly worth keeping an eye on. Hello Earth is Jermaine's latest release following his previous records; Goodbye Krypton (which was his debut record) and Nine Ten Eleven - The Refixes (which was composed of remakes.) Both of which along with a couple of his singles are all available for free download, just like this latest one. Mixing soulful R&B with a cool hip hop dance rhythm, Hello Earth makes for a great club album or something to hold on to if you simply need some smoothing tracks for evening company.