Joe Marson and the Satisfied Mind: Someday Soon

It's rare to meet an authentic and soulful alternative rock singer these days. However, if there ever was one that came closest to belonging in this little niche; you can bet Joe Marson is one of them. Armed with a guitar, beautiful melodies and a voice that's heartfelt and mesmerizing, Joe Marson and the Satisfied Mind has created a gem of a record. Currently based in Brooklyn, this is their latest release. Consisting of previous recordings as well as originals, it comes in the heels of their 2011 record, Post Cards From Siren City. The album enchants and provides a fresh take of the alternative scene. Perfect for lovers of musicians like Ben Harper and Jeff Buckley.

Prosthetik Intelligentz x Gravity Movement: Sounds & Wonders EP

Shift your mind into fifth gear with Prosthetik Intelligentz and Gravity Movement's The Sounds & Wonders EP. Formed in Fayetteville, North California on April 2010, Prosthetik Intelligentz is an independent Hip-hop duo consisting of Bryson "B. Doom" Dumas and Ezra "Ezzie B". Baptiste. After meeting and realizing their passion for authentic music, the duo started to create the Man-Cave Music Mixtape series. The first instalment produced a lot of buzz on the underground music scene, while the second instalment showcased collaborations with Erik "Depakote" Lopez, an independent Garden Grove California producer.

Wordsmith: Prelude To The King

Practically a regular here in the Frostclick blog, Wordsmith returns with a brand new Mixtape, Prelude To the King. True to form, the album is a great display of smooth beats, catchy rhythm, as well as awesome mic skills from Word and crew. There's really no need to argue whether this mixtape is worth your time. Pretty much anything Wordsmith has released has always held the bar high enough to warrant a listen and eventually a download. Prelude To The King is no different of course, marching in with 15 tracks that bob and sway with beats worthy of welcoming any hip hop royalty.