Roller Genoa from Ukraine, provide a perfect answer to the cynics one finds commonly enough in music circles, claiming that garage rock is dead. Oasis may have disbanded and so may have The White Stripes, but bands like Roller Genoa prove to us that their impact lives on and continues to inspire musicians from every corner of the world to carry the torch forward.


In creating their rough and guitar-heavy rock tunes, Roller Genoa lets their brash rebelliousness take full charge. Only a few seconds into (I’ve Missed You) So Bad the image of a basement full of fiery young rock fans moshing and spilling their beer springs vividly to mind. The band, however, aren’t averse to mixing in a healthy dose of melody. The title track and the very noticeably Arctic Monkeys-ish No Second Try are catchy enough to stick in your head for a while. The band also brings to mind a lot of Jack White in their minimalist blues driven riffing of which the album opener would be a perfect instance.

From start to finish, Do It Here, Do It Now serves as perfect headbanging material. The raw energy Roller Genoa brings makes the record immensely enjoyable and fulfilling.

Favorite Track: No Second Try


Track List
1. (I’ve Missed You) So Bad
2. Do It Here, Do It Now
3. No Second Try
4. Waster
5. Hey, Rhythm’n’blues
6. Dear Friend Of Mine (TV Live)

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