Welcome to the world of RnB, the “Gritty Glam Pop” from a woman with a big voice. Melissa B, Newport News, VA native, is a girl geek by day helping people get inspired about computer science and technology and an American recording powerhouse artist by night. And today, we are happy to say, she decided to share one of her latest mixtapes with FrostClick/FrostWire community and under Creative Commons with permission to share, remix and even use commercially.

Melissa started signing professionally at the age of 5, began playing shows since high school – and after some considerable success moved to NYC to take on music as a full time profession. Since then she performed at venues such as Carnegie Hall, Saban Theater, Bitter End, and Village Underground.

“This past year Melissa B. has been considered for three Grammy nominations for her song “Maria” which was up for Song of the year, Best New Artist, Best Pop Solo Performance. She has gone on to win Gold for “Best Pop Artist” & “Emerging Artist” from Global Music Awards. She won “Best Pop Song” for “Maria” for Hollywood Music Media Awards. She also was Nominated for the Underground Music Awards. She was also picked as Singer of the Month for SingerUniverse.com

Melissa is also an activist with her non-profit organization “Girl Geek Dinners NYC” where she helps young women get inspired about computer science and technology.”

Feels Good is singer’s latest mixtape, carefully crafted with a help of few friends such as Eazi Money, Paulie, Quill Quasar, Vicky Victoria and Gabby Brielle. The songs are a mixture of fierce pop, hip-hop, and RnB, setting the mood right from the very beginning with sultry beats accompanied by Melissa’s gorgeous vocals luring you in.

So if you feel convinced, click on that ‘Download’ button as the mixtape is entirely free – courtesy of the artist who is sharing her work with our readers under a Creative Commons license. Have a blast.

1. Feels Good Intro
2. What You Gonna Say
3. Dealer
4. See You Again
5. Waiting for Ya
6. I Dare You
7. Moonlight
8. Let’s Shine
9. Phoenix

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