Screenshoter is a screen capture utility from InspireSoft. A screen capture program can be handy when you have to document a favorite web page or diagnose a computer problem among other tasks. This free application can do virtually anything users will require. Fortunately it doesn't have the complexity that comes with powerful screen capture apps.


Sigil is an EPUB editor that works on multiple platforms. Even though it is free, the program has a lot of features that rival even those of commercially available software. It is easy to use and has support for EPUB 2 specs and UTF 16 as well. While most users will be content with the book view, it also supports preview and code views if you want to edit it.


Lightworks is a powerful open source NLE that was built for the use of professional editors. Published by EditShare, this video editor has a drag and drop timeline, will auto save your projects as well as provide you with media and metadata management tools. It also comes with support for stereoscopic and 3D workflows.

Wings 3D

Mention 3D graphics and people think of programs that cost in the thousands of dollars. However, Wings 3D is a powerful modeler that is totally free. It was created by Björn Gustavsson, Dan Gudmundsson and the rest of the Wings 3D Development Team. It’s a sophisticated program, capable of modeling human figures, creatures, vehicles, and so on. The program uses a graphical interface instead of icons. You use the keyboard and mouse to change an object’s geometry. Four selection modes are available: Body, Face, Edge and Vertex. Make no mistake about it; Wings 3D has a lot of tools. Each mode comes with its own set of modelers and editors. Its auto-UV feature makes adding textures easy.

Nitro Reader 3

Nitro Reader is not just another simple PDF reader. This software by Nitro PDF Pty Ltd also lets you create a PDF file, a feature that is usually only seen in commercial PDF software. It also comes with a host of tools that you can use for annotating PDF documents and filling up forms.

Scan Pages

Scan Pages, to put it simply, adds a scanning element to your iPhone. Developed by Ricoh Innovations Inc, the app allows you to scan product labels, signs, magazines, forms, documents and more. There are a few apps like it on iTunes, but this one stands out because of its sophisticated image processing technology. Scanning is a breeze. Use your phone’s camera to take a snapshot of the document. Move the yellow dots to adjust the borders. This yellow rectangle can be used to fix distorted photos. The app is best used with documents on a white background with black text.

Offline Gmail

Offline Gmail by Google gives you access to your mail even without an Internet connection. At first this seems unnecessary; aren’t we always online with desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and Wi-Fi hotspots? Actually, it is necessary. Web connections are plentiful in the US and many other countries. But what if you’re traveling to a place or country where Web access is choppy?


PeaZip is a powerful but easy to use open source archiving tool. There are many free compression utilities out there, but few are as robust as this one. In many ways, it is more powerful than some paid archive apps. The program is user friendly. Thanks to its drag and drop support, a user just has to drag a zip file on the interface and it will be decompressed. The archiving screen pops open when you drop a file there. All the basic functions are labeled clearly so new users will have no trouble using the program. File browse tools and function buttons make it a snap to add folders and files.


Fotobounce is a photo management software that lets users upload images, even on a phone. Once on the web, these images can be shared. What makes the software different is its security. You decide who gets to see your photos. The software from Applied Recognition Inc also makes it easy to upload pictures to AirSet, Flickr and Facebook.