Offline Gmail by Google gives you access to your mail even without an Internet connection. At first this seems unnecessary; arenít we always online with desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and Wi-Fi hotspots? Actually, it is necessary. Web connections are plentiful in the US and many other countries. But what if youíre traveling to a place or country where Web access is choppy?

With Offline Gmail, messages you move, delete or write are synchronized with your account when you next go online. Users can access sent messages prior to being offline. Messages you compose offline will be sent automatically once you are online.

The interface is very easy to use; emails are to the right, and you navigate at the left side. Put check boxes to label emails. They can also be arranged into groups. The interface is somewhat like those on the iPad. It is from the sidebar where you navigate. There is a search box included, perfect when you got a ton of email.


Offline Gmail requires a Gmail account. It works with Google Chrome only. The service is not compatible with Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and other services. Even so, the benefits it provides makes it a pretty good app. Because you can compose emails even offline and have them sent later, youíll be able to save time. Mail is automatically synced as long as Chrome is open. You donít need to visit the Gmail website or even open Offline Gmail.

Some software offer these features, but they require configuration. Those programs also have to be opened to sync email; you donít need to do either with Offline Gmail.

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