System Utilities


TestDisk is an open source data recovery program designed to run on multiple platforms. Developed by the TestDisk Development Team, it is capable of recovering partitions and let you boot disks again if they appear to be faulty. While there are a lot of powerful features on the program, it is straightforward to use.


Sandboxie is a Windows sandbox program designed by Ronen Tzur that will prevent computer applications from making changes that are permanent to the OS. Aside from protecting your data and Windows, it also puts your web browser inside the program’s sanbox. If your browser downloads malware, it will be kept in the sandbox.

Clean Master

Clean Master from Cheetah Mobile, as the name suggests, will remove all the clutter in your mobile that’s been slowing it down. In addition the app also works as an optimizer for smartphones that lag when you play games, play videos or when you have several tabs open.

Toolwiz Time Freeze

Toolwiz Time Freeze is a Windows utility from ToolWiz Software that provides complete protection for your PC. Once installed it puts Windows in a sandbox without the need to reboot, and you can protect it from malicious programs, plugins, adware and malware without the need to update every day.


SpaceSniffer is a free Windows application from Uderzo Software that makes it simple for you to assess your files and folders. There are many similar applications available for Windows, but this one is still worth a look because of its features. It’s powerful but surprisingly easy to use.

Memory Clean

Memory Clean, as the name suggests, is a Mac app that will clean or free up RAM so your applications can use them. Developed by Fiplabs, this is one utility you will appreciate if you use memory intensive programs like Photoshop, CAD and video editing applications.