System Utilities


Duplicati is a free backup program that does backups in remote file servers and cloud storage devices. You can use this program to store compressed and encrypted files on Google Drive, OneDrive and other cloud storage devices. It's very easy to use, and takes away the drudgery that comes with backing up files.

Echo Notification Lockscreen

Android is a well-designed OS, but its lockscreen capabilities can use some improvement, and that’s where Echo Lockscreen Notification comes in. Created by Double Labs, it’s a lockscreen that’s both cool and functional and won’t use up a lot of resources on your mobile. As the name says, it’s a lockscreen with notifications.

Clover 3

Clover 3 is a free add-on for Windows Explorer that adds tabs to Windows Explorer, making the user interface of Windows’ file manager even more practical and easier to use. While there are a number of add-ons available on the market, Clover 3 stands out as one in the lead.

Battery Doctor+

Battery Doctor+ from Tap Plex is an app that optimizes the way your Widows phone uses its battery life. One of the most frustrating things with mobile devices is the more apps, games and videos you use, the quicker the battery drains out. With this free app you can extend the battery life by up to 50%.