System Utilities


GParted is a GNOME partition editor that you can use to create, copy, move or delete hard disk partitions. Developed by Curtis Gedak, it also allows you to make a partition table with ease, and you can disable or enable partition flags like hidden and boot. If you are the type that wants to partition their hard disks but unsure how to proceed, this is something you will want to consider.


Speccy is a free system information utility for Windows. Developed by Piriform, this program goes beyond telling you how much RAM your computer has and what processor it is using. This small application acts like a virtual utility that tells you what kind of components are inside your PC. Unlike other free system utilities, this one is very comprehensive and detailed.


VirtualBox, originally created by innotek GmbH and now being developed by Oracle, is a virtualization product that allows you to load and run several operating systems under a single operating system. Since its initial release new features have been constantly added including running VMS on startup, NIC support, changing settings in a VM execution and more.

Patch My PC

It’s crucial that all software on your PC is updated, but looking for updates manually is a pain particularly if you have a lot of applications installed. With Patch My PC from Patch My PC LLC you can update Windows automatically as well as popular programs like Adobe Reader, Skype, Google Chrome, iTunes, VLC Player and more.


NoobProof is a tool for configuring firewalls on the Mac. Created by Hanynet, this utility makes it easier to change the settings on your firewall until it is at the security level that you prefer. Firewalls are traditionally hard to set up but this one makes it easy to understand and follow.


Wine, which originally stood for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”, is a compatibility program that will let you run Windows applications on operating systems like the Mac, Linux and BSD among others. If you use any of those operating systems and want or need to run Windows for some reason, you will want to use this software developed by Alexandre Julliard.

EASEUS Partition Manager Free Edition

EaseUS Partition Manager Free Edition from EaseUS is a disk management software that lets you manage your disk partition and resolve problems with limited disk space. Anytime you add an SSD or a hard disk it has to be partitioned first. With this utility, it will not just partition drives but format and if necessary reformat it too.