Gladiators: Call of Arena from Zhao Haoyang is an action strategy game that takes you back to the time of the gladiators in ancient Rome. Here you’ll need to pick and train heroes to help you become the most powerful gladiator. For a mobile game it’s quite challenging as you’ll need to fine tune their skills and get more equipment to help then.

If you want to become Lord Gladiator, you’ll need to spend quite a bit of strategizing and choosing the best weapons for your men. The good part is that as the game goes on, you get access to more weapons and items, and you gain the opportunity to expand your empire and attack your neighbors and make them pay tribute to your heroes.

Gladiators: Call of Arena also gives you the chance to hire some of the best gladiators in history and have them fight for you in the arena, increasing your chances of winning. This is also the perfect time to hone your skills, and when you’re ready you can square off against your friends on Facebook which can be even more fun.

There are two modes, Formal and Underground, and each one requires a different tactical approach to ensure victory.
There are also more than a hundred gladiators here including Leonidas and Spartacus. As a strategy game, it also incorporates elements of city building, but also has 7 classes of fighters available. As you level up, you learn more skills and get to unlock more features in the game.

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