Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower is one of the most popular games for the iPhone, and understandably so. For one thing, it is very simple to learn; you build a tower and maintain it. Only minimal skills are required. Every time you play the game, youíll progress. But thereís more to this game from Nimblebit of course. Your goal is to provide work for the Bitizens (the towerís residents). It is like a virtual ant farm. You start with one tower and a lobby. If you go through the tutorial, you will be able to create your first floor and the production floor.

Frisbee Forever

Frisbee Forever from publisher Kiloo is a lot of fun. Whether youíre a Frisbee aficionado or just getting into the game, it is worth a look into. There are ten unique settings. Each one has ten levels so there are a hundred in all. This feature alone shows just how varied the game can be. The gamplay is simple; just flick your Frisbee and off it will go. There are obstacle courses to go through, but you can navigate the Frisbee right or left. Watch as your disc flies through corkscrews, loops and other obstructions.

Bike Race Free

Bike Race Free from publisher Top Free Games is unique among racers. You compete against the clock to complete a track. The time you put in determines how many stars you will get (3 is the maximum). It isnít easy because the tracks have loops and chasms. Itís best to think of it as a racing / physics-based platformer game. There are similar games like this on PCs. If you have played those before, youíll feel right at home here. Bike Race Free has 4 unique worlds each with 8 tracks. The worlds have themes (savanna, arctic, tundra etc). The different settings offer various challenges.


Created by Lucky Games, Archer brings the excitement of archery into your Windows Phone. If you have never tried archery before, the sport probably doesnít seem much. Itís actually thrilling and Lucky Games has done a good job bringing it to life. The basic gameplay of course, has you shooting arrows with a bow. Itís quite challenging (and fun) to try and hit the targets. Your goal is to score as many points as possible under 20 seconds. If you hit the bullís eye, you will get extra time.

Brutal Chase

Brutal Chase, published by Mutant Bear Games, is an exciting smash Ďem up racer for Windows Phone 7. The premise is basic: youíre a cop and you have to get behind the wheels of a police car. Your goal is to ram your patrol car against the criminalís vehicle until they canít drive anymore. Thatís right; no pulling over or reading of rights; just bash them into submission.

Speed Dreams

Speed Dreams is the former Torcs-NG, but with a host of improvements. There are lots of cars, better graphics and realistic physics engines. Itís a racer all right, but precision driving will be necessary. It is cross-platform and you can play it in Windows, Linux and Haiku. Thereís a lot of everything here. Racing modes include Career, the Championship, single events, endurance, quick race and practice. Dozens of cars are available and grouped into the following categories: World Rally Series, Monoposto 5, Long Day Series GT1 and 2, Supercars (sports cars), TORCS Racing Board 1 and 1936 Grand Prix. TORCS Racing Board 1 cars are redesigned models from the original TORCS. The 1936 Grand Prix are pre-World War II racing cars.

Home Design Story

Home Design Story is a simulation game where you design, build and decorate your dream house. This iPhone/iPad game gives you a great deal of control over the design and construction of a house. The brightly colored graphics and smooth flow help make this gem from TeamLava very enjoyable, all while bringing out your creativity. The key in these simulation games is the depth, and Home Design Story doesnít disappoint. A wide array of styles is available ranging from modern to classic to deco. You can add furniture, wallpaper and flooring. You can also create beautiful gardens and patios.

Pinball Deluxe

Pinball Deluxe is based upon the traditional game, but with twists. This Android arcade game comes with five tables. Each one has distinct features and can be considered a complete game. They are Brix, Carnival, Diving for Treasure, Space Explorer and Wild West. Controls for the game are simple. Touch and hold any part of the screen to propel the ball. Touching the left and right side of your smartphone will control the left and right flippers. Shake your phone if you want to give the table a shake. If you want to pause the game, tap the scoreboard at the top of the screen.