Pocket Trains from game developer Nimblebit is going to have you grow and manage railroads and do related tasks. This is a riveting simulation game where you haul cargo, gather parts and create trains. There’s a lot to do here but it is not so difficult you’ll get tired of it. In fact you will want to keep coming back for more.

What makes Pocket Trains so attractive is that it is simpler than other mobile simulation games. Just one train can use a segment between two cities but several lines can go through the cities via intersecting lines. What this means is you get paths that are pre-defined. In addition you don’t have to spend money to make the trains travel, just a fuel gauge that needs to be refilled every now and then.

In short, Pocket Trains is a simulation game that will relax you. It’s detailed yes, but a lot of fun. Unlike other mobile games that use timers to slow a player down, Pocket Trains does not. While there are IAPs here, it is not required and you can earn bux by procuring cargo and doing other tasks.

Pocket Trains also has a unique crate system where train components are given out at random, and it doesn’t cost a lot of in game bux. If you love simulation games on mobile, then Pocket Trains is just right for you, and even if you are new to the genre, it is more than easy to pick up and enjoy. In addition the graphics are very smooth and clear and really add to the atmosphere.

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