Downhill Xtreme

Casual games have captured the hearts of millions; they also turned many of the iPhones, iPads and iPods into some of the most outstanding gaming devices out there. So if you are one of the people who can not wait to try out another hot game on the market be sure to check out Downhill Xtreme, "world’s first longboard racing game" that just might leave you playing for hours. Created by Distinctive Developments Ltd, this developer has proved to be an avid lover of the mighty iOS platform, producing some great time-killing titles such as, Football Kicks, Rugby Nations 09, Anytime Pool to name a few. However, it is the Downhill Xtreme that is a real step forward in the right direction.

Archer World Cup

Time for some archery on the iOS platform with Archer World Cup. In this highly rated game, players need to master the game of accuracy and enjoy the smooth play the same time. Rated as the Top free app in various countries, it is time to compete with the World. In-game, the obstacles you are most likely to stumble upon are the wind and your heartbeat. Yes, so even if the angle is great and accurate, your heartbeat may just cost you your aim and make it go for a royal toss. Created by LitQoo, the developers have churned up a very neat offering for iOS gamers and will surely make you smile with this one.

Basketball Shot

Another masterpiece coming for the Android users and this time around they are ready to satisfy the hunger of basketball fans. Basketball Shot is a game that comes from highly sought developer; it is intuitive, fun, addictive and challenging all at the same time. Created by DroidHen Casual, this developer has some of the best arcade game offerings under-their-belt and they definitely need no introduction to an Android user hooked to games such as Racing Moto, Fruit Shoot, Jewels to name just a few.

Virtual Table Tennis 3D

Here we have yet another offering for all the sport-lovers out there. Virtual Table Tennis 3D is a perfect offering for casual gamers as well as for the high on competition fanatics, all complete with rich graphics and sound. Developed by Clapfoot Inc., the game has been rated as "Top Developer" on the Android Market, which is quite a feat in itself. Virtual Table Tennis 3D is a great time-killer and sure to be enjoyed by all.


If you are one of those competitive junkies with a hunger for outdoing your foe then Stardunk is a perfect game for you. Developed by Godzilab, it comes with a heady mix of action, great graphics, concentration, and rivals from all corners of the globe. In the game, you are situated in the Milky-Way and your prime objective is to dunk the basketball in the net. No players, no basketball courts. Just a basketball, a net and your fingers to slay the competition.

NFL Pro 2012

HD gaming fans, it is time to satisfy your hunger for jaw-dropping visuals and some heavy-duty, jaw-breaking, spine-crushing action courtesy of Gameloft. Finally, NFL Pro 2012 has made way to the Android platform and this is one heavy-duty game that will set the pulse racing especially being a free app. Created by Gameloft, this developer could as well be named the king of HD gaming for the Android platform proving its mettle time and again. Offering an HD title as a freemium app is something that does not happen often and the NFL franchisee is a well-known one among gamers.

iStunt 2 – Insane Hills

It is time for the adrenaline fans to hit the slopes for some freestyle action. Yes, iOS houses one of the best physic based games called and this one is called iStunt 2-Insane Hill. The sequel to the original iStunt game, this one takes the gameplay to an all new level. Developed by, the game is really great and does much more than the original version. Offering a vast game-play and some very tricky obstacles, this one will surely become a casual gaming fans delight.


TrackMania Nations is one of the best and most enjoyable FREE racing games we've seen in a while! Nadeo studio - the creators of the TrackMania game series - took all the advantages PC has as gaming platform and created something very unique and addicting. The game lets you drive in solo & multiplayer modes on 65, beautifully designed and progressively difficult new race tracks. The newest version - TrackMania Nations Forever allows even more users to race and interact with each other online. It is a very big download - 650Mb - but if you are into racing games, this one is definitely a must have!