After its round on the film festival circuit, Jordan Vogt-RobertsSuccessful Alcoholics is ready to take over the world wide web.

This short comedy have made a lot of buzz since its premiere on the Sundance Film Festival last 2010. It features rising stars T.J. Miller (Get Him to the Greek) and Lizzy Caplan (True Blood and New Girl) as they play a co-dependent couple who clings to their high-paying jobs while undergoing severe alcoholism.

It’s a hard thing to make a funny movie, and even harder to discuss a sensitive social issue. But Successful Alcoholics have juggled these two things in one successful act. It casts a new light on how topics like addiction can be handled aside from the heavy drama. It attempted to pull off a fun and light approach that’s more accessible to the viewers.

The film offers 25 minutes and 13 seconds of genuine pleasure; whether it’s the hard-to-hate leads acting booze-crazy or just pulling off melted blenders and wet laptops from the kitchen sink.

But humor aside, the film discusses a lot of issues and consequences for the alcoholics. It sheds a light of hope, that it’s possible to survive even after the fun wagon have reached its last stop.

Successful Alcoholics is a must-see for all movie lovers. It’s that kind of film that raises an advocacy while still keeping the viewers well-entertained.

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