ben folds

8in8: Nighty Night

What happens when you combine the talent and creativity of geniuses such as Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, Ben Folds, and Damian Kulash? A collaborative group call... Read More

H.W. – Wall Papered Exit Wounds

Despite being new to the scene, young rapper, Hazardous Wastes or H.W. is already getting praises for his sound. It's not just the catchy music he creates but the fact that he's got compelling and interesting lyrics to match. Self described as "the Ben Folds of this rap shit," this Boston-based emcee offers 8 tracks from his latest compilation, Wall Papered Exit Wounds. The introspective rapper shares his insights about recovering from heartbreak as well as discussing general questions about how things turned out the way they did.

Tin Armor: Life Of Abundance

Tin Armor is a folk pop band from Ohio. This quartet creates lovely piano infused rock that brings to mind great melodic rock artists such as Ben Folds, Jeff Buckley and The Band. Life Of Abundance is the band's full length debut record. It's currently being offered at a pay-what-you-want offer over at their BandCamp page and comes with 12 awesome tracks that showcases the groups penchant for gorgeous vocal melodies and sweeping instrument work. Each track is a privy to a sincere emotion; giving you a chance to feel what the singer is going through and the thoughts running through his head.

Amanda Palmer: Who Killed Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer is a performer most recognized for being a lead singer, pianist & a songwirter of a cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls. Released in September 2008, "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" is her first solo album. It was produced mainly in Nashville, TN by Ben Folds under the umbrella of Roadrunner Records (which is also the record label for The Dresden Dolls). The title of the album refers to the famous TV series "Twin Peaks" which revolves about the murder of a teenage girl named Laura Palmer.