Despite being new to the scene, young rapper, Hazardous Wastes or H.W. is already getting praises for his sound.

It’s not just the catchy music he creates but the fact that he’s got compelling and interesting lyrics to match.

Self described as “the Ben Folds of this rap shit,” this Boston-based emcee offers 8 tracks from his latest compilation, Wall Papered Exit Wounds. The introspective rapper shares his insights about recovering from heartbreak as well as discussing general questions about how things turned out the way they did.

H.W. is the kind of rapper whose lyrics take center stage instead of quietly sounding off in the background. Talking about a variety of things, the artist doesn’t stick to the standard hip hop subjects when he raps. From opening single, Memories of Linwood, H.W. brings his heart and thoughts down on the table as he discusses what he went through in a past heartbreaking relationship. It’s slightly melodramatic if you listen closely but the steady beat helps to elevate the mood.

Brutally Beautiful, is another cut that shows off the artists’ emotion, talking about that one girl that captured his heart that one time. The song also shows off a great vocal sample done by DJ Emoh Betta.

On the other hand, Moving On (feat. Sarah Lynn B) adds a nice jazzy vibe while Faded Memories, is a verbally strong cut. Appropriately closing the record is Old Town;  a track that catches the singer reminiscing about both the good and bad memories that he went through in his hometown.

The album is essentially traditional hip hop, with classic beats you’ll find almost anywhere in the hip hop world. However, perhaps the greatest strength of the record is the artist’s words themselves. You’ll find enjoyable tracks on here and maybe even life lessons or experiences you can easily relate to. Take a listen.

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