When The Cardigans went into dark-hued pop in Gran Turismo, the Swedish pop group added flare and edge to their once endearing music. Butterfly Boucher does the same in her album entitled The Evolution.

Butterfly Boucher

Here, the songstress from Nashville, who was once signed to A&M reconds and had a debut album that was picked up by great names such as the late David Bowie, Madonna, Ben Folds and Sarah McLachlan, is revamping herself to an independent artist that’s “calling the shots.”

The nine-track collection opens with standout track I Can’t Make Me. Butterfly Boucher entices the ears with her calm yet rigid vocals that progress nicely towards pop rock melodies. With a steady pace and rhythm, the song immediately catches the listener’s ears.

Pop Rock goes on a full-blown show in Soul Back. The song utilizes mixtures of loud beats and soft vocals to create an eargasmic balance for an energized listening experience.

In None The Wiser, Butterfly Boucher adds layers of electronica to the collection but does not go to the direction of EDM. Instead, she embraces a pop ambient theme with hints of darkness to create something complex but relatable.

The Evolution, as the title states, presents Butterfly Boucher as an artist that has the best of both worlds — dark and light, soft and rough — that’s ready to own her music without any boundaries.

Track List:
1. I Can’t Make Me
2. Soul Back
3. Drift On
4. A Bitter Song
5. For The Love Of Love
6. To Feel Love
7. Not Fooling Around
8. None The Wiser
9. 5678!

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