Tin Armor is a folk pop band from Ohio. This quartet creates lovely piano infused rock that brings to mind great melodic rock artists such as Ben Folds, Jeff Buckley and The Band.

Life Of Abundance is the band’s full length debut record. It’s currently being offered at a pay-what-you-want/free download over at their BandCamp page and comes with 12 awesome tracks that showcases the groups penchant for gorgeous vocal melodies and sweeping instrument work.

Each track is a privy to a sincere emotion; giving you a chance to feel what the singer is going through and the thoughts running through his head.

Listening to them for the first time, you’ll be amazed at the quality of the songs. It’s not just the recording, but also the composition and arrangements as well. They also have a knack for incorporating several genres and make it come out as a gem.

From the piano pop found in I Am Resolved to the gospel lyrics and sound in title track, Life of Abundance, down to the upbeat indie pop rock of Wayward Kites; you get a little something to satisfy your fancy. It’s not the type of album that you’ll fall in love with off the bat but it does make you realize it warrants more than just a first listen.

It’s this capacity to mystify and intrigue listeners that makes this record worth having on your player. It’s the album you leave playing on your iPod without much thought, not because it’s your absolute favorite but because it’s just good to listen to. You can go ahead and grab the free download or help out the band by ordering the vinyl version. Either way, it’ll be effort, time or money well spent.

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