Another Case Solved

Another Case Solved from Chillingo gives the whodunit puzzle genre a different look, as you’re playing a detective tasked to solve some very unusual cases. It’s a humorous game with plenty of puzzles, some that can actually get very challenging in the latter stages.

Zombie High Dive

Zombie High Dive from Chillingo combines unique stylized art, full integration with Facebook and solid gameplay; music and sound for an immersive experience are also live and well. You play a zombie with an irresistible urge to dive, and you’ll be doing a lot of training and competing to show everyone you’re the best zombie diver there is.

Mafia Rush

If the Mafia has always fascinated you, then it is time to download Mafia Rush. This iOS exclusive is a worthy contender to any other great casual game available on the scene. It boasts of slick visuals, a mighty arsenal of weapons and a cigar smoking mafia head. Created by Chillingo, this developer has brought to life some of the most interesting game titles for the Android & iOS platforms and with Mafia Rush, things have not changed a bit.