Bass Culture Players: Foundation EP

Focused on “Roots Reggae experimentation”, Bass Culture Players, a musical Project based in Madrid, will take you on one great sounding journey through drums, beats, and plenty of relaxing sways. It’s like a laboratory of sounds that “mixes singers and musicians from Spanish scene in search for a very personal formula”.

Dub One!: Blow Dubs EP

Berlin based producer Dub One! serves us a dub album full exciting tracks. Lot's of laid back off-beat rhythm combined with a full load of horns in all shades. Blow Dubs EP was released on the famous iD.EOLOGY Netlabel with plenty of other amazing records. Dub combined with Salsa? Dub One! is very playful and makes this a wonderful journey with many melodies to remember. Relaxing sounds from Germany's capital Berlin where you wouldn't expect this genre.

HiFi Hustlers: Blagging It

This EP is a great chilled out mixture of 70s dance, funk with a touch of reggae and dub. Just listening to the first beats makes your feet move. We couldn't find much about the creators, but the EP has been mastered by Stuart Robertson, a songwriter, pianist and producer. The beautiful cover was designed and executed by RandyPan, an art director, graphic designer and a photographer with an alter-ego of Doward Williams.

Misfilter: Magnetize

MAGNETIZE was the debut record of electronic music group Misfilter. From Magnetizes Jamendo Page: What would become their trademark (weaving a musical tapestry of various electronic music genres) quickly comes evident as the trip-hop and dub influenced Intro leads into the frantic jungle rhythms of Sunshine From The Rain. Later on in the album the pace slows down with the digital pop-ballad Lovely.

Kanchi: The Ducky Dog

It is a second album by this French DJ. It offers a nicely blended mixture of Breakbeat, Hip Hop & Electronica. Full of energy, with varied tempos and textures, it's perfect to listen to while you work or study. My favorite are 'Nasty boy' and 'Fanboyz' - Enjoy!