‘Waves’ came crashing beautifully in this new joint from Mat. McHugh!

Part of one Sydney’s notable bands, The Beautiful Girls, Mat just released another superb reggae-tinged full-length feature, ‘WAVES,’ as one of his side projects.

The fun starts right away through the comforting synths and drum beats of the feel-good interlude, “Good,” which then leads to the laid-back irony “Avalanches;” a collection that’s intended for the beach, certainly.

Black Rainbows” picks up the pace, but it’s with “All I Ever Wanted” that we find Mat at his most comfortable.

The succeeding tracks keep rolling out the goods: “Sideways” is a modest jam that we can imagine playing on Top 40, so does the future dinner-by-the-shores backdrop “If You See My Heart,” but “Total Destruction” is pure bliss (my pick among the bunch).

Winding down the energy smoothly is “Love You Right,” a poignant acoustic romp that rounds out everything beautiful Mat can offer — in a quiet, candle-lit note.

Track list:
1. Good
2. Avalanches
3. Black Rainbows
4. All I Ever Wanted
5. Sideways
6. If You See My Heart
7. Total Destruction
8. High Up
9. Magic
10. Love You Right

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