With doomsday theorists saying we might have a potential zombie attack to fight off during the end of days, it’s always best to stay prepared. Shotgun FunFun can help you out with that.

This cool game puts you in a scenario where you’re trapped in an industrial looking place with 100,000 zombies ready to eat your brains. Oh, and you have unlimited shotgun shells at your disposal so you can blast your way through hordes of the undead.

Originally available for download on the PC, the game is now offered absolutely free from the Mac App Store. Now you can tune in and blast your way through a zombie feast.

In the game, you play a shotgun wielding fella by the name of Buck Morris. There countless zombies that are after your brain and you have a countless number of bullets. There’s no special goal in this game and that’s exactly why it’s so much fun to play. All you really have to do is see how long you can keep yourself alive and how many zombies you can take down with you.

Run, jump, shoot and survive as you go through the game. The cool thing about this game is that you can easily apply cheats if you feel like it. There are several cheats like dontlive invincibilitydontshoot automatic shotgun, dontbleed bloody mode, dontexplode exploding demons and dontspawn more demons. Perfect for those who easily get overwhelmed.

If you want to take the long route and test your zombie-killing skills, then skip out on the cheats and see how many legions of undead you can take down with you.

Please take note, however, that this version isn’t for the iOS just yet. It’s currently in the works so hang tight and pretty soon you’ll be able to play this amazingly cool game right in your iOS device.

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