Hangman is already an addictive enough game on its own, but with this highly stylized, animated version; you’ll definitely want to keep playing over and over again.

Released by EnsenaSoft, Doodle Hangman is an amazing new game worth trying. The game offers tons of features including a two player option. You can easily play with your mate and provide your own words while playing. The animation is excellent and definitely adds to the fun of playing this cool word puzzle.

There are quite a few features and benefits you can expect from this game. Some if it include:

  • Interactive two player function
  • Almost infinite gameplay; you can keep on playing as long as you get the correct answer
  • Perfect for improving vocabulary and spelling
  • Contains 11 word categories plus 1 random mode so you won’t have to repeat words
  • Education game that even children can play
  • Auto save feature whenever you close the game

Featuring impressive graphics, it’s definitely a fun game to try out. There’s a good selection of categories as well, so there’s enough variation when you start guessing. As mentioned, you have the option of two player mode for this one. In this game option, one player can provide the word while the other player guesses what it is.

Even though it’s a classic game, the graphics pretty much gives it a new boost in this remake. It’s a bit macabre to watch your little guy get the noose but it’s fun to watch the different expressions he has whenever you pick the wrong letter. Certainly, worth playing and downloading.

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